Women embrace wellness by taking quality time out for themselves

In this article we will talk about how women can tone their bodies with three simple tips, and how in two steps they can start exercising again.

Mothers are women who dedicate themselves to their children without asking for anything in return. Mothers are women like all other women: they want to feel beautiful, fit and active. Women dream of having a young, toned body. Their bodies and strength are needed to sustain the pace that life imposes on them. For this reason it is important that women are able to embrace a healthy lifestyle, through wellness.
Women want to relieve every day stress, to feel good and to make those around them happy.

Women’s arms are strong. Cradling, rocking, pushing. They are resistant and never tire.

Women are active, busy and beautiful. They are women and mothers, partners, wives and friends.

They are women who for a particular period of their lives have less time to devote to themselves. They are concentrated on dedicating all their love and energy to someone else. We are all that someone else.

If the mother is happy the child will be too.

Therefore, a mother should never forget that she is also a woman; a relaxed, happy woman, even with her body.

Sometimes women find themselves spending long periods of time at home. A sedentary lifestyle is not ideal for your health, especially if associated with an unhealthy way of eating.

Lack of physical activity can mean:

  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Stress
  • Weight gain

So the solution is to dedicate a few minutes to yourself. You can stay fit without necessarily leaving the house. A few minutes of physical exercise is enough. Toning up, relieving stress and staying fit is easier than you think.


Three tips to tone your body and achieve Wellness

Sedentary women lose overall muscle tone and accumulate fat. This happens mainly in the lower parts of the body such as the legs, buttocks and hips.

So here are five tips to stay focused on your ultimate goal. Make sure that you follow the advice.

  1. Take one step at a time

To improve our physical appearance we need to do two things:

  • eat well
  • physical activity

Exercise will burn fat and tone and strengthen muscles.


You have to work on your muscles. Increase the weights progressively. Always exercise with the same weights. This allows the body to get used to the exercise.

Whereas gradually increasing the weights allows us to:

  • concentrate more on the exercise
  • be more motivated to do it

Don’t boast about improvements. Take notes. Write down daily progress, go back and read your notes when you are having difficulties.

Working out at home is a great way to start toning up.

Practice by simply using the natural weight of your body or by using specific equipment for training at home. In addition to helping to tone the whole body, working out at home will increase self-esteem. Self-esteem for women means being more physically and socially confident.

  1. Choose a suitable activity that you really like

Consistency is the key that will allow you to obtain the desired results in the long term.

Choosing a fun workout helps motivation. Do it with pleasure and enthusiasm.

A well-toned body should be a priority. Women’s bodies require a regular training routine. It’s the only way to achieve and maintain lasting results.

  1. Train consciously

Women should know about the advantages to be derived from good, regular workouts to ensure the correct carrying out of both the exercises and the programmes, and in order to be aware of the effects of a workout on the body.


Improvements derived from regular exercise.

Cardiovascular system: regular workouts improve the resistance and efficiency of the heart. This will allow you to exercise more for longer periods and burn more calories.

Muscles and the skeletal system: developing muscle mass increases our basic metabolic rate. Muscles are more active metabolically than fat. Well-developed muscles burn more calories even when at rest. This ensures better muscle tone and improved posture.
Increasing lean body mass and bone density means that muscles and bones get stronger. Flexibility and resistance are also improved. This reduces the risk of osteoporosis and loss of muscle tissue with ageing.

Metabolic system and muscle mass: physical exercise helps burn fat and increases muscle mass. When muscles are metabolically active more calories are burnt. You will also lose body fat gradually and the body will become more toned and lean.


Is there an ideal exercise programme for a toned body?

The best workout is composed of:

  • Cardio: aerobic exercise is the key to being fit. Tone the whole body while having fun. Running, walking and swimming stimulate large muscle groups in a rhythmic manner. Exercising moderately allows you to train for long periods of time;
  • Strength: muscle tone can be achieved by using different types of equipment. The exercises should focus on the main muscle groups (chest, back and legs). Free weights are very useful for reinforcing and strengthening arm and back muscles;
  • Flexibility: stretching after the workout prevents pain and tight muscles. It is important to stretch all the muscles that are used in the exercises well. Doing targeted stretching exercises provides numerous benefits: more mobile joints, lengthened muscles, reduction in the risk of injury and improvement of posture.

Carried out in this order the exercises ensure the best possible training programme. In fact, a cardio workout gently activates all our muscles. Strengthening exercises tone and stretching lengthens.

Alternating aerobic exercises with strength training means optimizing both the time and the results of each workout:

  • 5/10 minutes walking or running with MYRUN
  • 1 or 2 sets of exercises using the Wellness Bag elastic bands or handles

Getting back to being active gradually will bring a series of aesthetic benefits. It will also improve your health and mood. Daily tasks will be easier to do.

What is a dynamic woman like?

She is always on the go, organising a thousand things and managing to do all of them. Dynamic women know how to slot various activities into the day. They also know that doing exercise is just as important as resting. Dynamic women run and tone their muscles with weights and workouts.

Women choose MYRUN to keep their progress under control.

MYRUN Technogym

They opt for Kinesis Personal because functionality and design are equally important.

kinesis vision technogym

How can you do aerobic exercises and strength training in just 25 minutes?

With MYRUN and some simple 1 kilo weights:

  • Set your MYRUN to a speed of 5 km/h with a 2% inclination
  • Walk 2-3 minutes with your arms at your sides
  • Lift the weights to shoulder height and straighten your arms upwards then return the weights to shoulder height for 30 seconds
  • Walk 30 seconds with your arms at your sides
  • Lift the weights to shoulder height and straighten your arms out in front of you then return the weights to your shoulders for 30 seconds
  • Walk 30 seconds with your arms at your sides
  • Lift the weights to shoulder height and extend your arms upwards one at a time then return the weights to shoulder height for 30 seconds
  • Walk 30 seconds with your arms at your sides
  • Lift the weights to shoulder height and extend your arms in front of you one at a time then return the weights to your shoulders for 30 seconds
  • Repeat the exercise from the beginning at least 6 times.
  • Increasing the speed and inclination will make the exercise more effective. It will help keep the whole body toned.

How to combat stress in 5 steps

A mother is also a woman who works, takes care of children, prepares lunch and the evening meal, and looks after the house. Sometimes she loses sleep, skips meals, loses track of time. In other words: she can be stressed.

A person under stress is more inclined to suffer from:

  • loss of concentration
  • muscular tension
  • fatigue
  • disturbed sleep

Even when it feels like stress has taken over, you should stop and catch your breath. Does this seem difficult? Just keep in mind a few practical rules:

  • Manage the stress of daily life with the right attitude;
  • Recognizing your limits and capabilities is the first step to feeling better and being more relaxed with others.
  1. Reduce duties and responsibilities

Take a break, mentally and physically, from fixed timetables, deadlines and time constraints. Put to one side the daily to-do list or ignore it altogether.

Being realistic and honest with yourself will help in organizing tasks. It will be so satisfying to finish the day knowing that you have done the indispensable things well. Women, like men, should know their own pace. Going at your own pace helps you to feel less agitated, stressed and tired.

  1. Eat Well

Women shouldn’t skip meals, justifying it with statements like “I don’t have time” or “I'm not hungry” or, on the other hand, eat meals that are too big, looking for solace in comfort food. They should eat well. Women should take the time to eat in a relaxed, calm manner. This is essential to reducing stress.


There are some foods that can help to counteract fatigue, tiredness, and irritability:

  • B vitamins
  • Folic acid and Omega 3
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Fibre

These all help to keep your blood sugar levels constant. They also supply the body with antioxidants.
Some of the foods they can be found in are yoghurt, black cabbage, broccoli, dried fruit, and green tea.

  1. Find activities that you feel passionate about

Practising sports or physical exercise just because it's good for you can raise your stress level. Women shouldn't experience activities associated with wellness as just obligations to get over with.
Choosing pleasant physical activity will allow you to have fun in a way that is useful for your physique and overall well-being. Additionally, women who perform physical activity everyday may also see improvements in their mood. While staying relaxed and without getting tired it can help with concentration.

How can one be a mother and stay on top of everything?

Busy with work, family, and friends: for mothers to stay on top of things home-workouts are key for preventing and relieving stress.


Cross Personal and Wellness Bag are perfect for fun and different workouts.
Cross Personal, in addition to providing training that combines design and practicality, is also highly technological.
In fact, its screen supports Technogym's Unity technology. Numerous entertainment applications and training programs are directly available.
The screen is also equipped with a webcam to chat with friends via Skype. Particularly committed women can also organize workout meetings.


wellness bag by technogym



  1. Rest well

Night-time rest is essential for charging one's batteries. But not just that, it also helps to repair our brains and eliminate toxins. How to ensure restful sleep

Relax starting two hours before bedtime by doing relaxing activities:

  • a hot bath
  • a good book
  • a warm, relaxing, calming herbal tea

It is important not to go to bed in the middle of digestion. As such, it's best not to consume heavy or elaborate meals. Limit foods which are too salty in order to avoid thirst during the night, which could come at the expense of a good night's rest.

  1. Learn and adopt breathing and meditation techniques.

Breath is the essence of life.
Breathe deeply and live fully.

Breathing is the "first medicine" that everyone has but rarely remembers.

With a few minutes of breathing exercises each day, difficult situations will seem simple to solve. You'll feel more relaxed and at well disposed towards others. Even your relationships with others will improve.


Diaphragmatic Breathing: this is the easiest and most widely used technique for relaxation. This technique allows for oxygenation of the entire body.
To find out if you use diaphragmatic breathing, just put your hand on your navel. If you do not feel much movement while breathing it means that your respiration is using the upper part of the body. As such, you will produce a short and superficial breath.

Breathing technique: it is advisable to lie down, at least in the beginning.

  1. Place one hand below the ribcage on the naval, and the other on your chest;
  2. Breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose, inflating your belly like a balloon. Be sure to breathe well. The hand on your abdomen should rise as you take in each breath. Meanwhile, the one on your chest should remain almost totally still;
  3. Exhale by breathing gently out of your mouth. Imagine trying to blow on a spoonful of hot soup.

Repeat the exercise 10 times with consistent and regular breaths.


Two steps specially intended for women to get moving again

Take one step at a time

Women who get moving again after a rather long break risk starting too abruptly.
An excessive intensity might interrupt the immediate activity. Additionally, women may risk losing motivation because the training is too tiring. There is also the danger of overloading oneself and having an accident or mental/physical stress.

The secret is to start the right way. It all depends on your level of training, skills, characteristics, and abilities.

Discover how to get back in shape with a home workout.

Constant training, a healthy diet and a positive attitude are key elements for everyone, including women.

Finally, here are some wellness tips

Is your workout too intense?

It is essential to be able to measure your own workouts. Often it can be difficult to determine whether a workout is tailor-made and appropriate for our abilities or not.

How can you find out? There is a practical test: Try to hold a conversation while training without losing your breath. If you are able to do so, it means that the work out is not too intense, but at a moderate level instead. Keeping this moderate intensity, especially at the beginning, will help you to avoid excessive fatigue and the desire to give up.

Are you sufficiently hydrated?

Drinking is absolutely necessary for your body's vital functions. In particular, as you increase your amount of physical activity it is important to also increase the amount of water you consume each day.
If you are thirsty, you are probably dehydrated. Drink some water before you work out, and again after you finish. In the case of very intensive training, women may also wish to consume energy drinks. These help reintegrate water, salts, and minerals lost with sweat.

Not enough time?

Investing in your well-being is essential for any person, mother, and woman. Of course, you will have to pull off a balancing act with your appointments, work, and family. But mothers at peace with themselves and with others are the driving force of the world.

30 minutes of movement can easily be fit in any time throughout the day. Take the stairs, walk to the store, go biking, etc. There really are many solutions.

And the results will be increasingly evident for your body. Your motivation will increase and movement will become an integral part of your wellness lifestyle.

Are you young at heart?

Women who are young at heart can get moving as well. They train consistently to stay young and in shape with the Recline Personal and Wellness Bag.

Prodotto per la casa recline presonal di technogym

How to train your arms in just 5 minutes a day:
All you need is the elastics contained in the Wellness Bag.
Apply the handles to the ends of the elastics.

Put one end under the right foot, the other in the right hand. Outstretch your arm, with your fist facing forward.
Bend your arm slowly and bring your hand to shoulder height.
Bring your arm back with a slow motion. Try to withstand the strength of the elastic.
Repeat 10 times.
While your right side rests, do the exercise with your left arm. Repeat the series twice a day.

wellness bag by technogym