Technogym Skillrow, the rowing machine for Athletic Training

A new workout trend is gaining momentum and is set to be the next big thing. Indoor rowing studios are cropping up in major cities and the rowing machine is finally getting the limelight it deserves. The great thing about rowing is the ability to get a total body workout.

Technogym’s latest product innovation SKILLROW is designed to give users the ultimate total body workout. It is the second offering to be launched into Technogym’s SKILL LINE, a growing range of equipment developed in collaboration with Olympic athletes and academic research institutes, bringing athletic performance training to the traditional gym floor and into people’s home gyms.


SKILLROW is the first indoor rowing machine capable of improving anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and neuromuscular abilities in a single self-powered solution. The product was developed with expert opinion and feedback from international Olympic rowers: 3-time Olympic medallist Rossano Galtarossa from Italy, and Great Britain’s Scott Durant, who claimed the gold medal in the Men’s Eight at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Scott Durant - Olympic Gold Medallist featuring in our "My Dream Is" series.

Let's discover all rowing machine benefits and Skillrow’s host of features and benefits.


SKILLROW’s resistance follows the natural curve of the stroke in the water. This innovative feature, coined AQUAFEEL, means that SKILLROW’s resistance is gradual, creating an experience that is closer to the experience of rowing on water for professional athletes, but also significantly reduces the strain on the lower back, making it ideal for gym goers and the best home rowing machine for those wishing to prevent injury whilst training in their home.


Data, performance and stats continue to become increasingly important both in and outside the gym. SKILLROW’s intuitive and clear console enables users to monitor their performance data including power (watts), strokes per minute (SPM), distance, time, heart rate and calories.

Moreover, users can a more motivating experience by connecting with the dedicated SKILLROW App (available on smartphones). By placing the smartphone in the integrated phone holder, the app offers four different ways to train:

Skillrow Technogym rowing machine display


Set a pace boat target or compete against a friend’s personal best in different challenges.

Rowing challenges by Skillrow App


Real-time feedback on performance metrics, helping to improve stroke force and length.

Biofeedback on rowing machine from Skillrow APP


Row like a champion with guidance from top coaches including Alexia Clark, Kenny Santucci, Scott Durant and Omri Rachmut.

Virtual trainer on the rowing machine Skillrow


A library of programmes from goal-oriented (time, distance, pace), to interval training and Technogym Neuromuscular Training (TNT) programmes developed by exercise professionals.

Beginners can access a library of videos from top coaches to assist them with the correct rowing machine technique, whilst data-obsessed gym-goers will enjoy a detailed results summary through the app at the end of each session, enabling better analysis and understanding of their performance.

Training programmes library on Skillrow App


Facilities can use a large screen to run competitive team races, individual performance classes or intensity-based classes in a dedicated room or studio, or simply on the gym floor. This exciting and engaging experience motivates participants, whether they are driven by their individual performance feedback or competing with others thanks to the real time display of training data on a large screen.

 skillrow products in gyms

Competitive races can be set up between individuals or team boats in a truly immersive 3D environment to create a huge amount of energy in a class. For team-based races, participants must attempt to row in total synchronicity as a real crew, or they will slow down.

For individual performance classes – designed to appeal to participants looking to improve or simply track their own performance – the trainer sets a focus for the class, such as SPM, power, heart rate, or calories. Individuals’ results display in real-time, providing motivation for participants.

Intensity-based classes are based around a predefined class profile set by the trainer. After the class, participants can look at their compliance index as part of their performance data in the mywellness app to compare their performance with the expected class intensity. This is a really powerful way for participants to measure progress over time.


Incorporating technology from SKILLMILL, SKILLROW  also has MULTIDRIVE technology (patent pending) allowing users to add further resistance in addition to the typical air resistance. This ground-breaking innovation makes it possible for users and trainers alike to change the equipment mode from cardiovascular training to power training, simply by adjusting the resistance level. Three power modes – low, medium and high – allow users to perform a traditional rowing movement with additional load, or execute power exercises based instead on repetitions.


MULTIDRIVE technology makes it safe to perform triple extensions (targeting hips, knees and ankles) with explosive forceful movements as in the push off phase during jumping and sprinting. This fundamental movement pattern is applicable to many sports and daily life activities.

Technogym SKILLATHLETIC training Total Body Power circuit with rowing machine

SKILLROW training is a great addition to power-based training circuits. Used to generate the speed and force of components in addition to plyobox jumps, SKILLMILL pushing and Ketllebell swings, SKILLROW can be incorporated to provide a fundmental component of SKILLATHLETIC TRAINING.