Power Personal becomes Superior for a more effective strength training.

The configuration 

With respect to the Essential version, Power Personal Superior includes Rack Personal ,a set of dumbbells and discs (115 kg) and a barbell all from Free Weights line. With Power personal Superior you can train all muscles at a professional level and it is perfect for your home gym. Thanks to Technogym app you can have access to a vast library of exercises and training programs illustrated step by step by videos: a virtual personal trainer at home.

Style and safety 

Technogym’s thirty years of development experience and the design by Antonio Citterio make Power Personal Superior a unique product combining style and functionality together with safety. Strength training has to be safe in order to be truly effective. For this reason Power Personal Superior features the Smart Lock system: thanks to it the barbell holder cannot be unlocked accidentally. In addition the grip on the bar is always steady thanks to its particular chrome-plated surface. For the purposes of safety and comfort it is very important that the training area is always neat: Rack Personal features a special integrated storage for barbell, dumbbells and discs so that you can train in an area free from obstacles and thus safer.

Infinite training possibilities 

Power Personal Superior can be integrated with several accessories for a complete and efficient strength training:this is the Excellence configuration. Training possibilities offered by Bench Personal and Rack Personal are multiplied by the Functional Training Kit and the Personal Mat. The former is a full set of functional training accessories while the latter is the Personal line fitness mat for floor exercises stretching and yoga .






Home Personal 产品系列

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