Wellness at EXPO with Technogym

Wellness at EXPO with Technogym

The “Let’s Move for a Better World” social campaign turns performed movement into meals donated to Countries affected by malnutrition.

Technogym has been selected as the "Official Wellness Partner" at the 2015 Milan Expo. The Italian company, world leader in the Wellness field and official supplier to the latest six editions of the Olympic Games, will create a thematic route at the Milan World Exposition to promote physical exercise, sport and good health.

The route will go through 6 Technogym Points, display 'islands' set up along the decumanus, the main axis across Expo, and a Technogym arena, a 1600 square metres 'main square' where, throughout the Expo semester, fitness-, wellness-, sports- and health-themed events will take place.

In line with EXPO's main topic, "Feeding the planet, Energy for life", Technogym will kick off a global campaign from Expo Milan 2015 which will link up fitness facilities and sports centres around the world.
As a social campaign "Let’s Move for a Better World" will give exhibition visitors the chance to exercise in the Technogym areas, measuring their movement with the Technogym app and then converting the movement into meals, to be distributed in Countries affected by malnutrition thanks to its collaboration with the World Food Programme. In the same way, throughout the world in gyms and facilities featuring Technogym equipment, people will be able to contribute by donating their own movement.

Thanks to Technogym Ecosystem, Technogym's digital solution based on fitness equipment connected to the mywellness cloud platform, Expo visitors will be able to download theTechnogym app - to directly activate the equipment and measure movement performed throughout the day – and then measure the movement and compare it with their friends' or other visitors' results.

Physical exercise thus acquires social value and becomes 'healthy' not just for those who exercise. For many years, Technogym has been active promoting wellness as a social opportunity for everyone: Governments, Companies and the general Public. "Let’s Move for a better world" is a hands-on initiative aimed at systematising technology for a shared good cause (Technogym Ecosystem is the first such platform world-wide based on equipment connected to a cloud platform for physical exercise management).

"We are proud to be able to contribute our technologies, scientific content and experience to the EXPO 2015 project, a unique chance of promoting our MADE-in-ITALY system world-wide," said Nerio Alessandri, President and Founder of Technogym, before adding: "Wellness is a major international trend today, and Governments and Companies alike are focusing more and more on placing health education at the heart of their strategies. Italy is in an ideal position to make the most of this trend, by systematising its excellence in the fields of nutrition, technology, design, tourism and culture."

"In today's world - continued Alessandri – there is a general consensus regarding environment protection issues. Increased carbon dioxide emissions have altered the environmental balance, causing a global temperature rise. If emissions have damaged the environment, humans have also been damaged by their excessive calorie intake: widespread obesity all over the world is having a heavy impact in social and financial terms. If Green Economy has been a top priority for many international Governments and institutions, Wellness Economy, which revolves around man and human health, is sure to become a macro-trend over the next few years."