SKILLMILL: the ideal solution for both athletic performance training and rehabilitation

SKILLMILL: the ideal solution  for both athletic performance training and rehabilitation

Technogym presents the new solution at Medica, the most important trade show in the medical sector

 Technogym, a world leader in the wellness, fitness and rehabilitation fields, will be present at MEDICA 2016 with SKILLMILL, previewed at the Rio2016 Olympics Games, the solution for athletic performance training and rehabilitation.

An ideal solution for rehabilitation needs, SKILLMILL is a non-motorized product for performing exercise therapy on patients who need to recover their mobility and function after surgery, illness or trauma or to prevent other illnesses such as metabolic problems and osteoporosis, by increasing exercise capacity.

SKILLMILL operates with the MULTIDRIVE technology (patent pending) created by Technogym’s R&D Department, which enables users to select different levels of resistance, to mobilize and activate the whole posterior chain by simply shifting gear, thereby aiding the fast, safe and effective recovery and greater mobility.

Thanks to the Multidrive technology patients can enjoy three main benefits:

  • Maximum Muscle Activation

Powered exclusively by the user activating the muscles of their posterior chain, SKILLMILL allows a higher muscular activation resulting in stronger muscles and joints.

  • Increased Metabolic Rate

Users can apply the appropriate degree of resistance to the surface, thereby increasing muscular activation and oxygen consumption.

  • Optimized Movement Biomechanics

The curved shaped of the walking surface promotes the correct heel/toe progression, facilitating a proper gait form and stimulating a stronger muscle memory and awareness. Moreover, the correct alignment of the ankles, knees, hips and back enables patients to acquire a better movement pattern, improving balance, neuromuscular coordination and proprioception.

Thanks to the Technogym Ability Training approach, which combines traditional exercises with functional training to offer a safe and effective method for gradual improvement, SKILLMILL allows a wide variety of users to train and progress regardless of their ability level.

Ideal for any kind of hip/back, ankle and knee pathologies, SKILLMILL allows a large variety of exercises enabling strength, speed, power, mobility, proprioception, balance coordination in multiple planes of movement. It also allows to create a progression from an early rehabilitation phase up to sport specific conditioning at the highest level in multiple orthopedic pathologies in several regions of the body.

SKILLMILL is also the perfect equipment to prevent chronic conditions in metabolic patients, that can help delay or prevent the development of serious metabolic disorders thanks to a vigorous aerobic exercise and a combined aerobic and strength training.

For older people SKILLMILL is also ideal to improve mobility and facilitate a physical activity and exercise that can help them reduce muscle weakness and improve strength, power and motor control and cardiovascular efficiency.

SKILLMILL offers a range of connectivity options to help patients improve in complete safety and enable doctors to monitor patients’ parameters during therapy. SKILLMILL is fully integrated within mywellness, the Technogym cloud based training platform. The solution includes a variety of programs and tools to support patients during therapy, by offering them guidance also when they are outside the center, and by monitoring the effectiveness of their workout and tracking their results thanks to a highly intuitive and easy to read on-board console* that measures wattage, resistance level, time, speed and distance, and heart rate via Bluetooth® Smart.Users can access training programs by scanning Skillmill QR code or by downloading the mywellness app.