Let’s Move for a Better World: Get Fit, Do Good

Let’s Move for a Better World: Get Fit, Do Good

Join Technogym’s social campaign for a fun way to get fit for a good cause

Is your New year’s resolution wearing off? Are you looking for a new incentive? Technogym, the world’s leading wellness and fitness company, has launched the ‘Let’s Move for a Better World' challenge, which enables you to do good for yourself and others.

Everyone exercising on Technogym equipment in fitness facilities across 20 countries,  will have the chance to contribute to the cause and donate a gym to a local school.

Join Technogym’s ‘Let’s Move for a Better World’ From 1st-19th March fitness event for a fun way to get fit and meet people who want to get moving, just like you.

The top 3 facilities for each country that collect the highest number of MOVEs (Technogym’s unity of measure for movement) get to donate state-of-the-art Technogym equipment to a local school or a local non-profit body dedicated to the promotion of health and wellness of their choosing. So not only will you be improving your fitness, making new friends and having fun, but you could also be helping people in your local area get more active.

Moreover it’s free to participate! If you’re not already a member of a Technogym-equipped facility then simply use the Club Finder on the Technogym App to work out where your local Technogym facility is.

Thanks to the Technogym Ecosystem - the first open platform in the industry which includes equipment, services, content and programs - and mywellness cloud, Technogym’s cloud computing platform - it is possible to create a challenge between different clubs and among people inside the club, gathering their training data and creating a performance ranking to share with the community.

Technogym is the world’s leading Wellness and fitness company, and its defining mission is to help people around the world be more active, healthier, and happier. The global Let’s Move campaign was created 3 years ago to help tackle the global issue of childhood obesity, which is one of the most serious epidemics of the 21st century. If current trends continue then by 2025, 70 million children under 5 will be overweight or obese.

It’s simple, just head to your local Technogym equipped gym build up your MOVEs and watch your area transform into an all-round happier, healthier and more active community.

Find the closest club to you by downloading the free Technogym app. (available both for iOS and Android)

So come on, join in and Let’s Move for a Better World!