From Wellness System to mywellness platform

From Wellness System to mywellness platform

Wellness System, the first solution in the world providing training system management, was developed by Technogym way back in 1996: a ground-breaking step in fitness data tracking and management. Members used a Technogym WS key to track their activity within fitness facilities using the server-based Wellness System.

Technogym is taking data tracking, and centralising data for easy access, to the next level:mywellness® cloud is Technogym's cloud-based LIFESTYLE CRM that enriches people's training experience, and gives operators the tools to improve their business and stay in touch with their customers – even when they're not in the gym.

mywellness® cloud: for working out and for club operators


mywellness® cloud offers a full range of web and mobile applications that can be accessed on Technogym equipment and from any personal device, allowing users to organise their lifestyles simply and effectively online and club operators to access professional tools for running their businesses more effectively.

For working out


We live in a digital world where, with smartphones, tablets and new communication technologies, we are always connected to our online content. This evolution has also changed the way we experience Wellness.

And so Technogym has created mywellness® cloud, a platform that allows to access data, favourite content and workout programmes wherever you are, turning desire for physical activity into a personalised experience "on the go". This is what we call "Wellness on the GO".

If your club is equipped with mywellness® cloud, you will be able to remain constantly in contact with the staff, have them monitor your progress, take part in challenges and manage workout programmes assigned to you. The result will be a truly personalised workout experience.

For club operators


With mywellness® cloud you can guarantee constant assistance by providing innovative and interactive tools that are able to help people improve their lifestyles not just in the gym.

mywellness® cloud is a flexible, interactive and easy to manage platform. It does not require installation or maintenance. All you need is a PC with an internet connection and you can use the professional applications and run your business effectively.

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