Technogym connects past and future in an exclusive product for functional training: Kinesis Personal Heritage.


Floor exercises  

With its FullGravity international patent Kinesis Personal Heritage allows floor exercises at the highest levels and with the effectiveness of a professional product. Full Gravity is a system of 360 ° pivoting pulley making users able to move freely by training all the kinetic chains.

Tradition and innovation 

In Kinesis Personal Heritage tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and industrial technology meet. The covering panel of the BLACK version is made of wood treated with a special paint to make it unalterable. The idea of solid tradition is given by the American oak wall bars built by skilled Italian craftsmen: the wooden details make Kinesis Personal Heritage suitable for a warm domestic space. Kinesis Personal Heritage has also a hi-tech soul with its polished aluminium alloy arms, magnetic handles and the soft touch digital display which allows to select the workload with one touch and display the resistance level expressed with an easy scale from 0 to 20.

Delivery and warranty

Like all Technogym products Kinesis Personal Heritage Black is covered by 2 years warranty and transport and installation, if required. In Technogym we strongly believe that a masterpiece is made of details so we take particularly care of the delivery and installation in all their steps. 

Technogym MD051-13S


Kinesis Personal 多功能健身家具珍藏木黑

Inclusive of VAT, transport and installation (if required)


Personal 产品系列

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