Ritz-Carlton - Grande Lakes Orlando

Thanks to the Welcome Wellness solution and the inclusion of our innovative Artis line, Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes Orlando has considerably increased the number of cross selling opportunities as well as the number of new guests to the hotel and retention of clients.

 Main KPI’s achieved:

• Guests attending the Gym +25% ;
• PT sessions +40% ;
• guest satisfaction scores increased +25% ;
• Increase of 10% in membership sales.


A Wellness Experience

“When we associate with suppliers and partners we have to make sure that they also represent that same level of luxury to our guests and to those we do business with.” said Jim Burns – Vice President & Managing Director

A connected and engaging guest journey

“You’re able to stay connected with the app so wherever you go and workout with Technogym machines you’ll have your workout routine with you. The design and the technology is sleek, it's sharp, it's crisp, it's beautiful, and it has the feel of luxury that we’re looking for. – Jim Burns


“Our guests, are much more into Health & Wellness and taking care of themselves. Part of their decision for coming to us and actually booking the hotel lies heavily on what type of equipment we offer.” said Jon McGavin – General Manager Gym

Brand Loyalty

Our guests want to have a diversified experience. They want to feel that this is a Ritz Carlton gym and Technogym is the only company that could’ve done that for us. MyWellness creates a level of brand loyalty which has never been reached before. Said Jordan Nagel – Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor.

 “This is why Technogym and Grande Lakes are a perfect match for each other, because there’s no other choice that’s able to compete in the luxury line like Technogym.”                              

Last but not least: After choosing the Technogym solution, the Ritz Carlton at Grande Lakes Orlando became the number 2 rated fitness centre in the Ritz Carlton chain world-wide.