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Cater for all your members’ wellness goals – diversify your equipment and services by adding the latest functional training solutions to your gym.

Increase your offer – increase your profit

You can make your gym really benefit with functional training areas and large wellness spaces. We offer a range of innovative, high-end solutions to really increase your club offer and increase your profit – so all your customers can literally experience a revolution in club design with the perfect equipment for effective, dynamic functional training. Wellness Institute training, offered by Technogym is also important to make sure staff are fully educated on all the equipment. This is fundamental for return on investment.

Our products


OMNIA gives you the opportunity to create a really engaging functional space and for members to explore their true athletic potential. With its unlimited variety of functional exercise options, accessories and wide range in terms of ability levels, the OMNIA range brings people together in an active and interactive way. Ranging from simple tools to more specific accessories, OMNIA will always find a way of appealing to all types of users.


Kinesis combines the benefits of functional training with the simplicity of more traditional strength equipment, allowing users to naturally progress from basic to advanced movement patterns. Thanks to the countless combinations of movements possible, FullGravity™ Technology, it’s innovative attractive design and natural, intuitive user approach; users can experience superior training - free and without limitations.


Our ARTIS equipment is available with energy harvesting technology in which human energy is fed directly into the building’s grid to help power the gym. No dedicated component, no extra wiring, and no extra costs needed. Each and every aspect of ARTIS is designed to add a stylish touch to any wellness space, and is the perfect solution for customers wanting a unique service experience.

Case study – Gunze Sky Garden, Nagoya - Japan

The club was renovated with Technogym machines. It’s already off to an excellent start with its membership as of end of September (year?) recording the highest ever over the past five years.

They have obtained 600 new members since the renewal in August (year?). This is due to promotion activity featuring ARKE and Kinesis Station. Some members who did free weight exercises commented that ARKE and Kinesis are more fun.